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Chinese party newspaper: Norway has paid the price



Norway tried in 2010 to teach China a lesson, but has had to pay the price for it, according to the Chinese party newspaper Global Times.

In an editorial yesterday the newspaper vigorously critisised Norway.
– Norway has a population of just four million, but tried in 2010 to teach China, with 1.4 billion people a lesson. It was a ridiculous story, the newspaper said.

– Norway has paid the price because of its interference in China’s internal affairs.

The political relations with Beijing  almost came to a standstill, and economic relations fell sharply, it says.

Relations between Norway and China was on Monday formally normalized after six years of frost. Relations froze when China reacted strongly to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.

– Norway did not expect Beijing’s harsh countermeasures. According to information from the Chinese party, Norway has reflected deeply on the matter and learned their lesson, writes Global Times.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today





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