Christian Democratic Party (KrF) is considering saving the child allowance with taxation

Dagrun Eriksen1st Deputy Leader.Dagrun Eriksen ( Christian Democratic Party )Photo:

Taxation of child allowance will be one of the major topics during the KrF’s National Congress in Trondheim until the end of the week.

Traditional belief in family policy and increased support for children’s families will be among the main issues when KrF delegates meet for their National Congress this week.

This year, however, the party’s program committee has come up with a very unusual proposal for the KrF, with a recommendation that the child allowance be taxed.

‘The discussion this spring has shown that child welfare is not as secure as it should be anymore. This can be a way to gain child support more legitimacy’, said the chairman of the program committee, Deputy Dagrun Eriksen, to NTB news.

She pointed out that central forces in the right (Høyre), the Fremskrittspartiet (Frp) and the left (Venstre) had recently agreed to remove the allowance. A government-elected committee also recommended earlier this year to shift from a universal, to a need-tested child allowance.

Eriksen said the most important thing for KrF is that child benefit remains a universal scheme, and that the amount is increased significantly. The support of NOK 970 per child has been in place for a number of years.

The Program Committee has proposed to increase child benefit by NOK 500 for all families, and that this increase should be financed by a tax on child allowance.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today