Christians skeptical to change the holidays

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Christians skeptical to change the holidays

Leader of the Christian Democrats, Knut Arild Hareide, disagrees with the proposal to changes to the “red” days in the calendar and turn Eid into a public holiday in Norway.


– It will be a case of misunderstood tolerance to alter public holidays. Behind this thinking, there is an individualization of society, says the Christian Democrats (KrF) leader to Klassekampen on Wednesday.

The leader of the Norwegian Christian Students Union, Ingvild Yrke, on Tuesday suggested to “give” the Muslims one of the so-called “day two’s” (second day of Christmas, The Monday following Easter Sunday or the Monday after Pentecost) to the Muslims, thus making the Eid a public holiday.

In Vårt Land, Hareide receives support from Sturla Stålsett, Professor in Diakonia and Society at the Faculty of Faith and leader of the Stålsett Committee, which in 2013 provided a comprehensive report on belief and lookout on life.

– I do not see that there is any point in moving the days or giving them any other meaning. I think it will be somewhat constructed, says Stålsett to the newspaper.

He sees no reason to alteration to the aforementioned public holidays or the interpretation of them.

– It’s beneficial for the Norwegian society that many people have a day off at the same time, but opening up for more days than the two that already apply to religious minorities, is still an important consideration, says Stålsett.

Today, religious minorities can take out two extra days in one year. Employers may require that these days must be worked in, although not every business does that.

General Secretary of the Co-operation Council for Belief and Ways of Life, Ingrid Rosendorf Joys, has previously proposed to redistribute the three “second days” together with the two flexible days to a joint pot to be disposed freely. The Liberals have also proposed a similar solution.


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  1. Please do not change Christians holidays for muslim one. Has the leader of the Norwegian Christian Students Uniongone mad?

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