Christmas celebration in Hammerfest

Hammerfest.Hammerfest.Photo: Tore Meek / Scanpix

Now we see the early contours of Christmas, which could be mostly wet, but also a little white.


Deputy meteorologist at the Metrological Institute, Kristi Gislefoss, emphasised that much can happen until Christmas, and that the forecasts should therefore be regarded as preliminary.

Nevertheless, there may be some trends to notice during the period up to Christmas.

“In Eastern Norway and Oslo there may be snow in the period, but it seems to be warmer weather on Christmas Eve” said Gislefoss to NTB news.

She said that the snow that is coming now will probably be until Christmas Eve because of a somewhat cold front.

“But for a few days it will not be colder than about 0 degrees, which means zero, and then you have to be careful if you go out and drive,” she said.

Rain in the south

In Kristiansand there may be rain on Christmas Eve. It will be between one to three degrees said Gislefoss. Stavanger was the next stop.

“Stavanger can also get some rain on Christmas Eve, and temperatures between 4-5 degrees” said the Meteorologist.

Nor does Bergen have snow waiting in the wings.

“I doubt it will be a white Christmas. But we see that it may be warm and partly cloudy on Christmas Eve, with eastern breezes and 2-3 degrees’’ Gislefoss said.

Mild in Tromsø

Trondheim can have a nice Christmas Eve, with a southerly breeze and about minus 8 degrees. To the extent that there is snow in the area, this will probably be until Christmas estimated the meteorologist. A short-term period of degrees on the plus side may be expected, but the Christmas Eve it will be nice and cold.

At Bodø there are just a couple of plus temperatures on Christmas Eve – and Southwest winds right now. It is mostly cloudy – with some rainfall coming down like a slurry or rain on Christmas Eve.

In Tromsø there will be an increasing temperature on Christmas Eve. 3 degrees will draw a mild Christmas Eve with some rain said the meteorologist.

But further north, in Hammerfest, it seems that the Christmas atmosphere is saved by a weather forecast that shows light snow on Christmas Eve – and temperatures of around minus 6 degrees.

“Here it should be a white Christmas” said Gislefoss.


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