City councillor Raymond Johansen will refuse criminal gang members moving home

Raymond JohansenRaymond Johansen.Photo:

Oslo city councillor, Raymond Johansen of Arbeiderpartiet (Ap) will fight gang crime by refusing convicted gang members moving home to their old neighbourhoods after incarceration.

The proposal comes as a challenge to the Minister of Justice, Jøran Kallmyr of Fremskrittsparti (Frp) to let the courts refuse persons associated with criminal gangs to move back to the area they come from, as part of an exit program wrote VG newspaper.

‘’We have geographical areas in Oslo where people have been here in prison for some years, moving back to the neighbourhood and taking up their criminal activity just in the same milieu as they were in before they were imprisoned. We want to prevent them from taking up crime again, and starting with new recruitment’’ saidJohansen.

The City Councillor believes that an exit program will be much more effective than having a double penalty for crime committed in specific areas, such as Aftenposten last week wrote that Frp proposes.

Minister of Justice, Jøran Kallmyr, believes that Johansen’s proposal is constructive.

‘’It is a priority for me that gang members do not go straight back to crime after release. The Declaration of Government from January states that we shall ensure that we have a good regulatory framework to provide a ban on residence. This will be an important tool for removing criminals from the street’’ said Kallmyr to VG.

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