Civil Defence increased efforts by 50% last year

Civil DefenseCivil Defense .Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

A total of 4,502 people in the Civil Defence field were in work for 45,148 hours at 202 events last year. This was an increase of 15,000 hours from the previous year.


“Civil defence is spreading out to more and more events around the country. Some of the benefits of Civil Defence events are that we come with out trained and organised crews, who are able to act in different types of events and crisis situations’’, said Director, Arnstein Pedersen, Directorate for Social Security and Emergency Preparedness in a press release.

The efforts in 2017 cost just over NOK 17 million

The evolution over time showed that Civil Defence had gained a wider range of assignments. Deliveries of security,connection and communication, tents, lights, and heating were among the tasks that had increased.

Searching for missing people accounted for 99 of all the assignments last year. The two biggest exploration actions were in Finnmark, both accounting for nearly 4,000 hours.Vestfold was the county with the most exploration actions, with 20.

After searches, floods and building fires followed, with 17 missions each, and forest fires with 10.

Civil Defence’s greatest effort in 2017 was the Cycling World Cup in Bergen, with 5,143 working hours, where workers assisted the police in the planning work, and stood with crews and equipment during the event itself.


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