Claim for 21 years in prison for police top Eirik Jensen

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Claim for 21 years in prisonment for retired police top, Eirik Jensen

The controversial, retired policeman, Eirik Jensen must be sentenced to 21 years in prison for corruption and complicity in serious narcotics crime, according to the prosecutor.


Eirik Jensen is silent and only bats his eyes a little when the statement is read out by the Prosecutor, Guro Glærum Kleppe.

The case against Jensen is held in the Oslo District Court.

Gross corruption and complicity in drug smuggling

She believes that Jensen is guilty of gross corruption and complicity in the import of 13.9 tonnes of hashish to Norway. This supposedly happened in the period 2004-2013. Therefore he must be sentenced to the strictest penalty of the law.

Kleppe also made claims for confiscation of NOK 2.45 million, slightly more than the original claim of NOK 2.1 million. This is the minimum amount the prosecutor believes co-defendant Gjermund Cappelen has paid to Jensen.

Jensen must also endure the confiscation of weapons and ammunition covered by the indictment. Here some points have been dropped from the charge.

The next hearing will take place Monday when Cappelen’s defender will hold his procedural speech. Tuesday it is the defenders turn to plead.

Elden: Not surprised about the Jensen assertion

Defender John Christian Elden is not surprised that the prosecution wants the strictest punishment of the law for Eirik Jensen.

On Friday, the prosecutor argued for a 21-year prison sentence for the retired police top. Jensen is accused of gross corruption and complicity in the import of 13.9 tonnes of hashish.

Strictest penalty or nothing

– I’m not surprised. When they have taken out the indictment they have. We are not surprised that they want the strictest penalty after the law, says Elden to NTB.

He believes the prosecutor’s procedure largely based on beliefs, interpretations and opinions and very little on tangible evidence.

– We believe that there are no grounds for conviction in this matter whatsoever. Therefore it is either going to be zero or twenty-one years, says Elden.

The prosecutor wants to give Gjermund Cappelen reduction in sentence.

The prosecutor requests for 18 years in prison for Cappelen

The Hashish Baron, Gjermund Cappelen, must be sentenced to 18 years in prison for having been behind and organizing the importation of nearly 16.8 tonnes of hashish, according to prosecutors. He is therefore given a three year rebate for being the crown witness in the case against Jensen.


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