Claims of eight years in prison for human trafficking


Four people in Glåmdal Court who stand accused of trafficking may be sentenced to prison terms from two years and three months to eight years, according to the prosecutor.

Prosecutor and Attorney Iris Storås submitted the claim about the length of prison sentences when she held the final post in court on Monday, stated NRK news.
Police believe an organized Bulgarian network has carried out extensive human trafficking and prostitution in Oslo, with the base for the business located in a restaurant in a small town in Hedmark.
The trial of two accused men and two women has been going on for nine weeks in Glåmdal Court. Iris Storås believes that a woman in her 30s should be sentenced to eight years in prison.
Storås believes the woman had a central role in the business and that she received direct benefit from the money the network made.
The prosecutor further believes that a woman in their 40s should be sentenced to six and a half years in prison.
A man in his 50s should be sentenced to five years and six months’ imprisonment and the final suspect on trial, a man in his 40s, to prison for two years and three months, according to the prosecutor.
Due to lack of space the trial has been held in Hobart and not in the district court premises in Kongsvinger.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today