Clay at Gjerdrum is being analyzed to see if evacuees can move back home safely

Gjerdrum landslidePhoto: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

Two crawler drilling rigs are being used in the work of investigating the ground conditions at Ask in Gjerdrum. If the areas are safe, evacuees can move back home.

An important part of the work in the near future is to clear the area, according to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

The crawler drilling rigs are being used for ground investigations at many different points in the evacuated area, down to depths of 40 meters.

Samples of clay are collected, and these are sent on for analysis in the laboratory. 

The results of the ground investigations and professional analyses will form the basis for the NVE’s recommendations to the police on whether evacuees can move back.

“We have continuously spent a lot of resources on gaining good enough knowledge about the ground conditions in the evacuated areas. 

“This work will continue until we have solid professional recommendations for all parts of the area that are still evacuated,” NVE’s Regional Manager Toril Hofshagen said.

Search continues on Monday

The search for the three missing people will be resumed on Monday.

Professional personnel from the NVE will assist the police in the search by monitoring the landslide edge as long as the work is in progress. 

A construction road is also being built down to the pit to establish drainage and lead water past the area in a controlled manner.

“We have a great understanding that the survivors need answers. We contribute what we can to support the police in the search work. 

“Two excavators have been transported in, one of which has an extra long range, in order to be able to make the best possible arrangements for the police’s further work,” Hofshagen said.

Surveillance technology

The NVE has also started investigating how the landslide area can be secured for the future. 

Several sets of drone images and fresh laser data have been collected, which will be important for planning the measures.

In addition, monitoring technology is being used to measure movements in the landslide area with a ground radar similar to that used to monitor movement in the Mannen mountain section in Romsdalen.

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