The cleaners at the Accident and Emergency department in Oslo received an offer of 0.58%

Accident and Emergency department in OsloAccident and Emergency department in Oslo.Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

When the union required permanent positions for three cleaners, Oslo Municipality responded by offering very low job rates. One of the offers was 0.58%.


Dagsavisen newspaper wrote that the relevant cleaners worked between 60 and 70% as temporary employees, and that their trade unions required they have a permanent job. Two of them were offered fixed positions of 3.58%, and 2.28% respectively.

The last one was 0.58%.

“We feel foolish. It is not possible to send out such offers to our members,” said Stig Berntsen at the Federation of Professional Services, which according to Dagsavisen, corresponded to two and a half minutes of work a day.

Christian Ekker Larsen, communications manager at the Health Council in Oslo municipality, said that the municipality of Oslo had temporary employment in line with the law. Larsen said that the work of the three cleaners “was mainly associated with absences” and “temporary, extraordinary tasks”.

However, he mentions the low rate of employment contracts as being unfortunate.

“We will therefore work to find good solutions for these employees as quickly as possible,” Larsen wrote in an email to Dagsavisen.

The newspaper has also been in contact with health agency worker, Tone Tellevik Dahl. She described the case as “hair-raising”, and promised that it will be followed up further.


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