Climate expert: Norwegians do not understand how dangerous the heat waves really are

Tore FurevikPhoto: Jan-Morten Bjørnbakk / NTB

The heat waves that have occurred in recent summers create extremely dangerous conditions that are difficult for Norwegians to understand, according to climate researcher Tore Furevik.

Several countries in Europe are now hit by heat waves with temperatures well above 40 degrees.

“They are deadly, not only for nature and animals but also for humans. There is a clear connection between the death toll in the summer and high temperatures,” Furevik told NTB.

He is a professor at the University of Bergen and director of the Bjerknes Center for Climate Research.

Furevik emphasizes that the very high temperatures in Southern Europe now can also affect Norway.

“We see more and more often that the temperature reaches 30 degrees in Norway, as well as drought in some places. Going forward, we can also experience the extreme heat that has now hit a number of Mediterranean countries,” he said.

Extreme heat in Europe

Several countries in Europe have been hit by strong heat waves this summer. Due to severe forest fires, thousands have had to evacuate from the French Atlantic coast. In Spain, meteorologists are worried due to extreme heat in 16 of the 17 regions in the country.

The heat waves have also hit Portugal, the United Kingdom, Greece, and Italy. In some places, the temperature has crept up to 40 degrees and higher.

“What we see now is what the climate models have told us for twenty years,” Furevik said.

“This level of heat means that there is less steam in the air and leads to less precipitation. This makes dry areas even drier,” he added.

The heat waves also increase the risk of forest fires and can lead to impaired air quality, which also poses a health risk to humans, Furevik noted.

More to come

According to the climate researcher, the combination of high temperatures and drought will become more common in the future.

“Future heat waves will be even warmer and last even longer,” Furevik said.

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