Climate experts say 2 degrees will not prevent destruction

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The goal of limiting global warming to 2 degrees is not enough to prevent devastating and deadly climate change,according to a new report.


The Paris agreement, which was signed in December 2015,aims to keep global warming below 2 degrees and try to limit the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. But in a report from Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society researchers concluded this is not enough.

If the soil is heated by 2 degrees, it could lead to mass fluctuation,lower income levels, food and water shortages, and extinction of plants and animal species. The developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America will be hardest hit, the report stated.

They emphasised that the 2 degree goal will save mankind some misery, but there will be droughts and floods.

“If we can’t limit the warming to 1.5 degrees, but to 1.7 or 1.8, it will still help much more than just giving up,” said Dann Mitchell, editor and assistant professor at the University of Bristol.


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2 Comments on "Climate experts say 2 degrees will not prevent destruction"

  1. Pedro J. Alfonso | 3. April 2018 at 00:45 |

    The burning of fossil fuels leave an empty space under the earth plates = earthquakes! And volcanic eruptions due to the movement of the plates!

    It displaces the earth mass over the atmosphere. Less earth mass there is less of a magnetic and gravitational pull. It weakens the Earth’s magnetic Shield. Less mass also I believe pushes magma upwards. (just saying seems to me)

    Thus more ultraviolet rays penetrate the Ozone damaging it and allowing more ultraviolet rays to enter surface of planet in a vicious cycle!

    More ultraviolet rays more heat and evaporation. More melting of the Ice regions of our Planet. More evaporation more movement of Ocean currents and their alterations from the norm more heating of the currents. And Cold Arctic and Antarctic air from the North takes the space left by the raising hot air! Thus it seems colder but not so just moving the cold from the North to the South! Melted Ice more fresh water which alters the salt content of the oceans and that is a BIG PROBLEM, another vicious cycle!

    The magnetic resonance 7.83 Hz is also affected by the reduction to the earth’s mass shooting the resonance upwards. That is why as well so many “MAD SCIENTISTS” talking nonsense trying to justify their petro-dollar buddies! Their brain functions badly!

    Now I am no “scientist” and You can argue that fact with me all day long! Still……. I am a “Man of God” and I know my Mother Nature and the cry of Animals, Plants, and every living organism!

    All together have decided (living organisms man excluded) that humans are a “viral species” and not just that but wanting to be vacuous for the sake of their own vanity and earthly desires so…… rejecting Truth and Salvation! There is a culling starting because of it!

    This Paris accord? It is insignificant and is just “make up” trying to make an old wrinkled whore which has been around the world numerous times…trying to make it look like a beautiful strong, intelligent adolescent! YOU DO NOT FOOL ANYONE! Judgement Has Started or have you not seen what is happening all over this planet?

  2. Pedro J. Alfonso | 3. April 2018 at 00:58 |

    Clean Renewable Energy Production should have started years ago full throttle! But the Fossil Fuel burning “masters’ do not see they can make just as much money and more with C.R.E.P.
    So “THE SHIP IS ABOUT TO SINK”. Everybody get their life jackets on! And look up to the skies. “The Sky is Falling It Hit me on the Head” as Chicken Little would say!

    My take? I believe Mother Nature is calling to the Heavens for a Meteor Shower to come down and save “Her” from the Human-Virus!

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