Survey: Majority choose climate before oil

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Women choose climate, men choose oil

Majority of Norwegians say they are willing to limit oil activities to protect the environment. 44 against 42 percent choose climate before oil, according to a new survey.


In the survey, conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Dagbladet, the participants were asked if they were willing to limit Norwegian oil business in order to limit emissions. Of the 1,002 respondents, 44 per cent were in favor, 42 per cent against, while 15 per cent were undecided..

Norwegian Leader of Greenpeace, Truls Gulowsen, says the result is fantastic.

– The gravity of the double role of Norway’s environmentally conscious nation and oil state, begins to seep in to an increasing number of people. That we now have a bigger share that agrees that we must limit the oil business for climate reasons is very positive, he continues.

Oil counties against the stream

Among those in favour of protection of the environment, 52 per cent are women, and 36 per cent men, while the percentage for those against the restriction of the oil industry 54 per cent are men and 29 per cent women.

The willingness to prioritize the environment, on the other hand, is relatively evenly distributed throughout the country. It is only in Southwestern Norway that the share that is against the limitation of oil activity is bigger.


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