Clinics advertising illegally for Botox


Hospitals must shape up and feel the regulations, the message from the Norwegian Medicines Agency for clinics who are illegally marketing the Botox.

Manager KRSby have examined ten of clinics in Kristiansand and eight of them advertises discounted Botox treatments on social media.

-This Is illegal marketing that violate the laws and regulations of the Medical Products Agency administers, says medical technical director Steinar Madsen in the Norwegian Medicines Agency.

He says players across the country are acting against the law that prohibits using drug name in marketing, and the Authority has sent several warnings.

– A responsible physician in these Clinics also must prescribe this and there should be a minimum that the skilled person familiar with the regulations. Unfortunately, there are several that do not take this seriously, says Madsen to the newspapers.

One year ago, Medicines Agency blogger Sophie Elise Isachsen been rebuked after a Botox posts where she offered her readers discounts on treatments at a clinic in Oslo.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today