Clinton in Norway: ”Won’t run for President”

HIllary Rodham ClintonHIllary Rodham Clinton. Photo: AP Photo / Seth Wenig

Hillary Clinton in Norway: ”Won’t run for US President”

Hillary Clinton goes hard out against Facebook and “fake news”. She confirms that she won’t run for US President in her speech at the Norwegian Business School (BI).

“I do not envision running for President again, I really don’t. It is, however, crucial that the United States choose another President, not just for the sake of the US, but for the whole world,” she asserts.

The former US Senator, Minister of Foreign Affairs and First Lady, Hillary Clinton, is in Norway on the Women’s Day, speaking to students at BI.

She, however, believes that the presidential candidate of the Democrats will have a difficult job defeating the current US President.

“During the next election campaign, they will do the same as they did in 2016, just better and more of it. That will be a challenge. The question is who can stand up against Trump and his negative, poisonous campaign,” Clinton continues.

She made the following promise:

“I will do everything in my power to make the Democrats win, no matter who the candidate may be.”

Criticism of Facebook

Clinton also spent a lot of time criticising Facebook and others.

“Facebook is the largest news publisher in the world and has done a lot of damage,” Clinton states. She believes that both Facebook, fake websites and news providers helped her lose voters. The former candidate thinks that many of them were misled by falsehoods.

“You can vote against me or somebody else, but if you vote against someone because you are misled and fed with a steady stream of falsehoods, then you are fooled. You are not making a rational decision – you are being manipulated,” Clinton asserts.

Praises Norway

Clinton is invited to Norway to talk about women’s participation in working life. She praises Norway’s proportion of women in the workforce.

“Norway has more than 72 per cent female participation in working life. In the US, we have just over 60 per cent. The gap of 12 per cent is significant,” she highlights.

The politician points out differences between family policies as one of the reasons for the difference, including that most Americans haven’t got paid leave after delivering babies. She emphasises the importance that women at work have to the economy of a country.

“Higher participation by women increases the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and leads to better decisions,” Clinton concludes.


The Gender Equality Conference – del 1

The Gender Equality Conference – part 1• Opening of "The Gender Equality conference", Eirik Bergesen• Welcome, Inge Jan Henjesand, President of BI Norwegian Business School • Marianne Borgen, Mayor of Oslo • Hadia Tajik, Deputy Leader of the Norwegian Labour Party• Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, Minister of Trade and Industry• Hilde C. Bjørnland, Provost and Professor, BI Norwegian Business School• Gillian Warner-Søderholm, Associate Professor, Dep. of Comm. & Culture, BI Norwegian Business School• Morten Huse, Professor, Dep. of Comm. & Culture, BI Norwegian Business School• Iris Cuppen og Tobias Bæck, Bakken & Bæck• Jeanette Rønne, Head of Emerging Tech, EVRY• Kristin Skogen Lund, CEO, Schibsted

Geplaatst door BI Norwegian Business School op Vrijdag 8 maart 2019


Cod at Støre’s home

Several Norwegian politicians were also present, including the Deputy Leader of the Norwegian Labour Party, Hadia Tajik.

Tajik lectured the BI students earlier in the day. She informs that she looks up to Clinton. Tajik emphasises that more women than ever before have signed up as candidates in the budding race to become President of the United States.

“I think we need to see that the truth is in the pudding and acknowledge that Hillary Clinton created that space,” Tajik says.

Leader of Labour (Ap), Jonas Gahr Støre, is also present.

“It is always exciting to hear Hillary Clinton speak, and it will certainly be the case today, as well,” Støre said ahead of the event.

After Clinton’s lecture in Nydalen in Oslo, a cod dinner awaits at the home of Jonas Gahr Støre.

“Pan-fried cod with potatoes and vegetables are on the menu,” Støre tells NTB.

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    What a great role model! If you fail, then blame someone else!!!

  2. She did a wonderful job, and Russia is the worst threat on the world’s security. This amazing inspiration and mentor should be President!

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