Closure of Andøya is a danger to democracy

AndøyaANDØYA.Photo: Per Arne Juvang / Forsvaret / Handout / Scanpix

The leader of the Norwegian Officers Association, branch Andoya,  thinks it will be a tragedy to close down the air base.

– The Politicians do not make decisions on a sound basis, and I have zero confidence in the parties. I think it is a tragedy that they have little confidence in democracy in Norway, says Stein Håkon Eilertsen to news agency NTB.

Eilertsen is the leader of Norwegian Officers’ Association, branch Andoya, and a participant in the group Preserve Andøya AFB. He says he does not trust the Armed Forces leadership and the political system in Norway, after this process.

On Facebook the group writes that “this is now where the real work begins.”

– We will not be broken. There are so many strange things that needs to get out in the open. This is simply so serious that we must look at how to proceed from here, says Eilertsen.

Meanwhile he praises the centrist parties which have tried to withstand (the closure).

– It’s going to be a heavy time for many of the staff at Andøya AFB and their families, especially young newly established parents.

Now it is important to take care of each other, and this applies to the entire Andoya Society, says Eilertsen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today