Clown with saw frightened schoolboy in Oslo

Two young boys with clown mask has scared several in Rønvik.Bodø. Two young boys with clown mask has scared several in Rønvik.Photo: Politiet / NTB scanpix

A clown with saws chased a schoolboy on his way home from school in Oslo on Thursday.

The boy ran into the clown next Haugen school at Høybråten in Oslo.

“The clown had a saw and threatened the boy before he fled the place on a motorcycle,” said operations manager Vidar Pedersen to news agency NTB.
The boy became frightened and ran home. During the flight, the boy fall several times and hurt himself.

The boy’s father reported this to police at 15:45.
At 16.30 o’clock, the police were at the home of the boy to clarify the incident.

“The boy told his father that the son had felt threatened by the person who had been partially dressed as a clown,” says Pedersen.

The incident at Høybråten joins the ranks of a series of clowns frightening and attacking others around the country.
After several clown attacks, Police Chief Steven Hasseldal East police went out on Tuesday to warn that “clowns” can be prosecuted.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today