Cold air from Siberia gives Southern Norway colder temperatures

Sun and snowSun and snow

The coldest snap this season for southern Norway can come in the next weeks – from Siberia. The forecasts show the temperatures dropping to -20 degrees Celsius in the Oslo area.


Tuesday and Thursday, large parts of Europe will get the cold blast of air from Siberia, as well. If the forecasts turn out as expected, it will also be the coldest front southern Norway has yet experienced this winter, reports

– “Oslo can get down to minus 18 degrees, Bergen down to minus 10. This is unusual so late in the winter. We must go back to 1987 to find something similar,” states geologist Geir Ottar Fagerlid at Vervarslinga in Western Norway.

It is also expected below zero temperatures in Berlin, and both Italy and Spain have to calculated colder temperatures for the week. “Although the cold air from Russia will only last two to three days,” Fagerlid says “that the winter is far from over in southern Norway.”

“The worst cold will be short-lived, but we will have a cold period of winter weather for a longer time, probably over the next weekend and maybe out even longer. It can last out all of March for everything we know,” says Fagerlid.

But while the winter and the cold temperatures are on the mainland, it’s cheeky far north, it’s going to be springy.

“On Svalbard, the weather expected is a bit the opposite. On Sunday and Monday, we are actually expecting above zero temperatures and rain showers,” says the meteorologist.


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