Cold and clear weather expected in large parts of Norway towards the weekend

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In the coming days, the Arctic winter weather will continue over almost all of Norway. All of the south and some of the north will see the worst weather.

“Towards the weekend it will be cold, windy and there will be snowstorms on the coast of Sørlandet, but otherwise there will be a lot of clear weather all the way up to the Vestfjord. 

“From there and north, there will be gales and snow showers along the coast,” Meteorologist Rafael Escobar Løvdahl at the Meteorological Institute told news bureau NTB.

A few danger warnings have been posted. On Wednesday afternoon, a warning was issued about ice on ships along the coasts of Rogaland, Agder, and Telemark, as well as in Trøndelag.

Difficult driving conditions in the south

“In the south, a strong northeasterly gale has been reported on the coast, as well as cold weather and snowstorms from Wednesday. 

“Strong onshore winds, cold weather, and some snow showers have also been reported in Troms and Vest-Finnmark, but it will probably be worst for southerners who are not used to it,” Løvdahl said.

He asks people to be aware that conditions in Sørlandet can lead to difficult driving conditions.

“From experience, snowstorms lead to problems on the roads,” Løvdahl added.

Clear weather in Eastern Norway

Otherwise, it will be mostly stay-at-home weather. In Østlandet, it seems to be mostly sunny, but it could be cloudy at times.

“Mostly, it will be clear weather, but at times there will be some more clouds and some snow from the clouds, but mostly light snow that you can sweep away, and you won’t have to use a shovel,” Løvdahl said.

In Nordland, Trøndelag, and Vestlandet, there will be a lot of clear and cold weather in the next few days. 

As there is offshore wind in Western Norway, it will be significantly colder than usual in Rogaland.

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