Cold on the way after the rain

Norwegian winterJessheim..Photo: Norway Today Media

After some mild weather this week, the temperature after a little rain will drop through the weekend and into next week.

Already on Wednesday it rained heavily in northern Norway, with over 50 millimeters in the last 24 hours in some places. Rainfall has hit the region hard.

There is great avalanche danger in dozens of areas, and yellow danger warning has also been issued for the whole of Finnmark due to freezing rain that freezes to ice on the ground throughout the day on Wednesday and Thursday morning.

“The warm air we have now was mostly around at the start of the week, and it looks like it will be cooler in the north on Thursday,” says state meteorologist Pernille Borander at the Meteorological Institute to NTB.

Temperatures are dropping for the entire country towards the weekend and into next week, according to Borander.

“This was just a blast of milder air, and then we’ll be back to more winter temperatures and winter weather,” she continues.

Storm on the coast
On Thursday, the rain will hit Western Norway, and there will probably be small storms on the coast in several places.

“It will probably blow up a small storm on the coast, at least off Møre and Romsdal, Sogn and Fjordane and Trøndelag,” says Borander.

In some places, danger alerts for large local rain showers have been sent out.

“It could be around 50 to 70 millimeters in twelve hours. There is talk of Vindafjord, Ryfylke, Etne, Kvinnherad, Hardanger and Voss,” says the meteorologist.

Borander says the low pressure will be offshore and will cause some showers on Friday as well.

Better in the east and snow in the south
Eastern Norway will be spared much of the worst rainfall.

“It looks like it will be mostly dry on Thursday and Friday too, but the Agder counties will have some rainfall, and perhaps even farthest east of the northern mountains,” says Borander.

“Oppland may also have some rainfall before the weekend,” the meteorologist says.

While it is heading towards a northerly wind and cold in the north, on Sunday a new low pressure system will approach southern Norway, with some accompanying rainfall.

“It is a little difficult to say right now what form it will take, but it may look like snow is coming inland, and more rain along the coast in the south,” says Borander.

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