Cold temperatures lead to empty firewood depots


Many wood depots have been emptied due to record cold that has hit particularly in southern parts of the country.


Vedkun Finn Pedersen told NRK news that it is not easy to get to know figures in Rogaland at the moment.

‘’Fortunately, it was improved today. Now I’m going home and enjoying myself,” he said after securing some bags of wood at a retail outlet in Sandnes. In three hours, 38 pallets were taken by the tornado of customers.

According to the news channel, several depots are now empty.

Earlier this week, several suppliers in Møre og Romsdal, Østfold, Hedmark, Telemark, and Trøndelag reported a violent onrush of demand.

“We could probably have sold 50% more than last year if we had stocked up,” Geir Venås said in ‘ Myri Vedproduksjon’ in Seljord in Telemark to Nationen newspaper.

Cold air from Siberia has lately hit Norway and Europe as a whole.The cold snap has claimed 55 lives in and has created traffic chaos in several countries.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today