Colder weather conditions on Sunday and varied weather in Norway on 17th of May

Rainy weather in Bergen cityRainy weather in Bergen city.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

Norway is preparing for a different 17th of May. But it is still possible to hope for glorious sunshine when National Day is to be celebrated.

After experiencing high temperatures and bright blue skies, Eastern Norway woke up to different weather conditions on Sunday. Not only had the temperatures dropped significantly, but snow had also fallen all the way down to 200-300 meters. Places such as Nannestad, Jessheim, and Tryvann were sprinkled with fresh snow.

“We got more northerly winds and there was some precipitation in the form of snow, also in the lowlands in some places,” says meteorologist Espen Biseth Granan at the Meteorological Institute, to NTB.

He adds that we are in another weather system now in Eastern Norway, but that there will still be good temperatures for the week.

Cold in the north
Although it will be a short-term taste of winter for Eastern Norway, there are quite good temperatures on the way.

“The weather for the country will be quite varied depending on where you live, but in and around Oslo it will be quite dry and decent conditions in the coming week. Although one must be prepared for some showers, there will probably be good periods of sun in the coming days – which start off cool, but where the temperature will rise throughout the day.”

He cannot promise northern Norwegians better weather.

“There is unstable weather in the north, and in Tromsø there is precipitation that can come as snow and sleet. It also looks like precipitation in Tromsø next weekend, but the picture here may change. But it probably won’t be a warm 17th of May for Tromsø,” he states.

Stable in Oslo
Biseth Granan believes Eastern Norway will have the finest 17th of May weather.

“We can expect it to be up to 14-15 degrees in Oslo on 17th of May, and there’s a good chance of dry weather.”

“There will probably be no repeat of last year when we measured 22 degrees. May is May, when the weather can vary greatly. A few years ago, it actually hailed when I was standing at Castle Square. I don’t think that is going to happen in Oslo this year.

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