Commitment to climate in Bergen decreased by 23% in two years, new survey shows

BergenPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

According to a climate survey in Bergen, one in five people from Bergen has lost faith in cutting fossil fuel emissions – despite the fact that the Green Party (MDG) sits on the City Council.

Two years ago, 76% of Bergen residents said that it was important to achieve the climate goals of making the city fossil-free by 2030. Now only 53% of the inhabitants say the same.

According to the survey carried out in Bergen, there are more polarized attitudes to car use and tolls than before, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) writes.

Many people are positive about the least intrusive measures, but people have fears related to the more invasive measures that limit the freedom of car use.

A total of 1,000 people over 20 participated in the survey conducted by Opinion for Bergen Municipality.

Concrete measures

City Councilor for Climate, Environment, and Development Thor Haakon Bakke (MDG) believes that part of the explanation for the decrease is that climate policy has gone from being an abstract discussion to concrete measures being implemented. It thus becomes clearer to people what is actually needed to achieve the climate goals.

He also believes the survey has another important factor.

“There is a big difference in how young people and old people respond in this survey. Young people are more concerned with achieving climate goals due to concerns for what the future brings, in that it is today’s young people who have to live with the consequences if we fail to achieve the ambitious climate goals we have set ourselves,” Bakke told news bureau NTB.

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