Committee wants to move 5,000 jobs to counties

Minister of Trade and Industry Monica Mæland ( Conservative Party ) jobs Finnmark LabourMinister of the Interior, Monica Mæland ( Conservative Party ).Photo: Hans Jørgen Brun,

Committee wants to move 5,000 jobs to counties and get rid of five directorates

Nearly 5,000 jobs are proposed to be transferred to county municipalities in a recent report. Bufetat and IMDi are among five Government agencies that are proposed to be shut down.


The committee’s proposals entail changes which in total will result in NOK 23.5 billion being transferred from the state to county if adopted.

The proposals include changes in almost all administrative areas, with the greatest share in industry, innovation and research, culture, transport and integration and also child welfare.

The committee has been chaired by Professor Terje P. Hagen at the University of Oslo. The report was handed to the Minister of Municipal and Modernization, Monica Mæland, (Conservatives) on Thursday. She says that the committee has done a thorough job and that they provide important input.

The report is presently dispatched for review with a six-week deadline.

– The follow-up of the committee’s proposals will be seen in conjunction with the processes we have already taken to assess new tasks for county municipalities, says Mæland.


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