Companies all over Norway cancel Christmas dinner party

Christmas dinner party - julebordPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

A survey among 1,853 of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise’s (NHO) member companies shows that 53% plan to drop this year’s Christmas dinner party, 26% will uphold the tradition, and 21% are unsure.

While employers throughout the country are tightening up on Christmas festivities, Oslo stands out in terms of restrictions, according to newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN).

In the capital, 61% of the companies that arranged Christmas dinner parties last year state that they plan to drop them this year. 

Only 21% will go forward with Christmas dinner, while 18% are unsure.

Reducing the infection in Oslo

“I am glad that the Oslo companies seem to take the appeal against traditional Christmas dinners seriously. 

“We depend on everyone contributing if we want to reduce the infection in Oslo,” says City Council chief Raymond Johansen (AP) told the newspaper.

Nina Melsom at NHO said the figures are gloomy because it is an important season for a hard-hit industry.

“An important reason is probably also that many have been laid off recently, and it feels unnatural to have a party in such a situation. 

“In addition, it has an effect when Raymond Johansen goes out and advises against Christmas dinners,” Melsom said.

Johansen emphasized that Christmas events can be carried out in small groups and that using restaurants can contribute to safeguarding infection control rules.

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