Confirmand parents giving confirmand gifts to the value of over 10,000 kroner

ShoppingShopping.Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix

This year’s confirmands will get money and other gifts to the value of tens of thousands of kroner.

Parents contribute the most, 10,400 kroner on average, while grandparents and other family members give 2.800 kroner each.Compared with 2015, the parents will spend about the same amount of money, while family members plan to spend 40 percent more than last year. Friends of the child or family spent  590 kroner on a present on average last year and increase their contribution to over 730 kroner this year, an increase of almost 25 percent.
The survey was conducted by Ipsos MMI for DNB and shows that seven out of ten confirmations wants money on the big day. Money is clearly at the top of the list, electronics and national costume are the next on the list, wanted by respectively 9 and 7 percent of the confirmands .
Consumer Economist Silje Sandmæl DNB predicts that money is precicely what a great many of the confirmands will get, she is skeptical to this, since there are indications that the money neither is saved or used in or for anything that will last.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today