The congratulations have poured in to King Harald!

The congratulations have poured in to King Harald!The congratulations have poured in to King Harald!.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Over 9,000 people have written greetings to King Harald for his 80th birthday via the Royal Palace’s website. Among the greetings there are also a plethora of photos, drawings and videos.

In addition, the Royal Palace congratulatory register includes well wishes from the Parliament President, Olemic Thommessen (H), and Prime Minister Erna Solberg who were among the first to make entries in the register.

– Approximately 9,300 greetings have been written on the Royal Palace website. The greetings come from all over the country – and abroad.

From individuals and institutions, from families, schools, day care and senior centers. It’s no longer possible to write in the register, but the many wonderful greetings are available via the Royal Palace link for anyone who wants to read them, says The Royal Palace.

Some of the drawings submitted, have been posted on the Royal Palace Kid’s page (barnesider).

King Harald’s 80th birthday was on February 21st. The day was celebrated during the annual winter break from school with the grandkids and the immediate family. Queen Sonja will celebrate her 80th birthday on July 4th. The official celebration of the King and Queen will take place on May 10th when a government gala dinner will be held in the foyer of the Opera House.

King Harald said in a long interview with NTB news agency last week that he intends to keep his “oath to the Constitution” for the rest of his lifetime. He also expressed that his age was not weighing him down in any way.

– I always thought that those who were 80, were really old, but I don’t feel very old myself. Age is just a number, said the King.

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Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today