IS connected woman had a bomb recipe on her cellphone

Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Passenger record cycling world championship customsOslo Airport Gardermoen in Ullensaker Municipality. Photo: Norway Today Media

A 31 year old Somalian mother of five who was sentenced in Norway for attempts to join IS, had recipes of explosives on her mobile phone.


The woman was arrested by the Police Security Service (PST) at Gardermoen on December 5 last year. They believe she was on her way to Syria to join a foreign war. She was attempting to join a terrorist organisation.

PST received a court request from the UK after a Somali was arrested for similar crimes. According to Aftenposten newspaper, he had contact with the woman in Norway. On the day he was arrested, he sent a message to her, calling her his fiancee, where he wrote that he hoped they “are among those who share joy in life after death”, according to NRK.

Last week, he was sentenced to eight years in prison in the UK for trying to join IS.

PST told the newspaper that they started investigating the woman after having gone through electronic seizure of her cell phone. On it there was a recipe for making explosives on a kitchen, as well as one of the extremist group IS’s own immigration forms that she had filled out, according to NRK.

PSTs investigation will be completed sometime after the summer. Then it will be decided whether legal action will be taken.

‘’In that case, it will be the first IS terrorist prosecution against a woman in Norway. But it is important to point out that gender is not important for the criminal case,” said police adviser, Per Niklas Hafsmoe of PST.


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