Conservative politicians want to ban alternative medical treatments for children in Norway

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Conservative politician Sveinung Stensland wants to ban acupuncture, homeopathy, and aromatherapy for children under ten years of age. 

According to newspaper Aftenposten, Stensland, who has a background as a pharmacist, is worried that children will not receive the medical treatment they need because parents take them to alternative treatment first. 

He has put forward a ban proposal for the Conservative Party’s party program, which is to be adopted in the spring.

“For me, the children’s health is the most important thing… We can not treat the children for the sake of the parents. 

“This practice apparently takes place within the framework of the law on alternative treatment,” Sveinung Stensland said.

Different opinions

According to Elisabeth Selvaag, leader of the Pediatricians’ Association, there are different opinions among the members as to whether alternative treatment for children should be banned. 

Ann Karin Swang, head of health nurses in the Norwegian Nurses’ Association, is also skeptical and believes a ban is a strong tool that will be difficult to enforce.

Leader Per Sloth Jensen in the Acupuncture Association told Aftenposten that they always ask if the child has been to a GP or specialist first. 

In contrast, leader Tore Fosso Hom of the Norwegian Homeopaths National Association believes a ban would mean that parents are deprived of control over their own children.

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