Considers compensation claims after gross malpractice

Djabrail Sulejmanov money for burialDjabrail Sulejmanov.Photo: Privat / NTB scanpix

Parents Considers compensation claims after gross malpractice following death of six-year-old

The parents of deceased Djabrail (6) are considering compensation claims against Haukeland Hospital and the doctor who administered the drug to the boy, according to their lawyer.


Djabrail died Thursday after having been in the respirator for ten days after the hospital snafu.

According to NRK, lawyer representing the boys family, Jan Inge Thesen, has issued a letter to the Health Authority and to the Haukeland hospital asking access to the documentation they possess.

– There are some unanswered questions that need to be clarified, therefore we will see what steps we take after we receive the information we have requested, says the lawyer.

He says it will be appropriate to claim damages against both the hospital and the doctor who was responsible for the malpractice, if it is found that they acted with gross negligence.

The cancerous boy from Bærum was operated for brain tumor on August 6th. He received subsequent chemotherapy treatment at Haukeland University Hospital when the fatal medication mix-up occurred on August 22.

There were to be administred two syringes with chemotherapy – one in the head and one intravenously, but a doctor should have switched the syringes and administered the wrong one in his head. According to the boy’s mother, the doctor who was supposed to administer syringe number two discovered the mistake.

The day after the incorrect medical treatment, the hospital in Bergen notified the Norwegian Public Health Authority, which has filed a case. The police also was oriented as per routine. Haukeland Hospital has kow-towed and apologized for the incident.


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