Consumer Ombudsman: Electricity companies in Norway aren’t allowed to sell deals with additional secret prices

Electricity agreementPhoto: Audun Braastad / NTB

According to the Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman, electricity companies cannot sell electricity agreements where parts of the price are kept hidden from customers.

In October, the Consumer Council complained about 29 electricity suppliers to the Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman

The Council believed that the electricity suppliers marketed purchase price agreements with an additional price element, which the customers were not informed about.

The Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman has now concluded that the practice is illegal, the Consumer Council writes on its website.

“It is unacceptable to state a price and then send a higher bill afterward,” Inger Lise Blyverket noted.

The Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman states that they have now sent letters to 17 companies clarifying how the additional price element must be disclosed in purchase price agreements.


“We have now given clear notice of the requirements of the Marketing Act and the Right of Withdrawal Act to provide information on the price of electricity agreements,” Trond Rønningen, director of the Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman, said.

He says they expect that the suppliers will change their practice to follow this by the deadline of January 6.

“We note that the Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman has not found illegal practices when it comes to the 25 companies that have been assessed. 

“They have only been reminded that all price elements in electricity agreements must be disclosed to the customer. This is a principle that the industry fully supports,” Toini Løvseth, director of marketing and customers at Energi Norge, noted.

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