Still a lot of confusion concerning “rescue operation” for Rygge

Rygge AirportRygge Airport.Photo.

It remains unclear whether the group which is working to prevent the airport at Rygge from closing down, has secured the necessary agreements.

Rygge CEO Pål Tandberg says to Dagens Næringsliv that he does not know whether the project company Rygge Airport,which is working for the continued operation of the airport, has secured more capital or new airlines willing to operate at the Østfold airport.

– They need to have something up their sleeves. Otherwise it just comes to nothing,  Tandberg says.
CEO Knut Johannessen Rygge Airport refuses to comment on whether new shareholders are in place or whether they have found come to new and other airlines which want to use Rygge for their routes.

– What we need now, is some peace to work,  Johannessen says.
The civilian airport operations in Rygge are scheduled to expire on October 30, when the airport’s main customer Ryanair is discontinuing its scheduled traffic.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today