Convicted 18 year old bomb maker to be deported from Norway

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

The Ministry of Justice will deport the 18-year-old who was sentenced to ten months in prison after making and bring a homemade explosive device with intent of detonating at Greenland in Oslo last year.


Writes Nettavisen, which has received access to the decision by the Ministry of Justice.

The 18-year-old Russian citizen was arrested in Greenland April 8, 2017, having made an explosive device at home, which he then landed on Greenland.

The decision states that “PST believes the foreigner poses a threat to fundamental national interests. PST believes he is radicalized, that he sympathizes with ISIL and that he has a mindset that indicates that he supports the use of violence to achieve political goals. ”

Furthermore, it states that PST considers it likely that he will commit “similar, and more serious crimes than what he was arrested for on April 8, 2017”, that he has been observed several times with key persons in the extreme Islamic environment in Oslo, and PST believes that he “has Norway in his enemy image”.

The decision also states that the 18-year-old has explained that he had a bomb in his bag when he was arrested.

The 18-year-old is now detained in Trandum until the courts have completed the case.


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