Convicted of gross maltreatment of her children

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Mother convicted of gross maltreatment of her children

A woman from Nordland is sentenced to one year in prison. Her children were, among other things, hosed down with ice cold water and driven over 10 kilometres from their home and forced to walk home.


Hålogaland Court of Appeal increased the verdict against the woman, reports Avisa Nordland.

When the case was dealt with in the district court last summer, the woman was sentenced to jail for nine months. She is also sentenced to pay each of the children NOK 100,000 in damages and reparations.

The Court of Appeal finds it proven that the woman hosed the children with cold and hot water alternately. On an occasion when the children did not want to do house chores, they were driven away from home with the instruction to stay alone in a tent so they would learn what it is like to possess no proper home.

Several times the children were driven away from home with the message to walk home, according to the verdict. Several times it was talk of distances of more than 10 kilometres, and sometimes this happened twice more in a row after the child had returned home.

The verdict also tells about extensive use of grounding, where children were locked in their room for several days on end and were only let out for visits to the toilet.

Ice cold showers

The children allegedly have been hosed down outside the home with the use of a garden hose. In the assessment of evidence related to this, the court emphasizes that the woman told others that ice cold showers are effective when raising children.

The children have even been pulled by their hair and ears, as well as being beaten. The verdict also describes how a child was taped over its mouth and around the whole head when the child allegedly spoke too much.

Hålogaland Court of Appeal concludes that each of the violations of the children is not the most serious, but in the context of the situation, made the children living in uncertainty as to what would happen next. The court considers that the acts therefore must be considered as gross maltreatment. It is also emphasized that this happened over many years.


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