Coronavirus news could set a new record in Norwegian media

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So far, over 100,000 cases have been written about the Coronavirus. Media surveillance and analysis agency Retriever believes the mention of the virus may exceed the coverage of the July 22 incident.

Retriever has gone through editorial  publications of the virus in Norwegian media on the web and in the newspapers as well as broadcasts on radio and TV since January 1, reports Aftenposten.

The count shows that the virus featured in 137,253 instances in less than three months.

“Normally, between 7,000 and 8,000 articles are published in the media in a total of one day. Now we see that just as many being published only about the coronavirus in a day. So it’s massive,” said Retriever’s General Manager Guro Lindebjerg to the newspaper.

Every sixth article in the Norwegian media in 2020 has been about the coronavirus, the analysis shows.

To date, the coverage of the July 22 terrorism was the most talked-about news story in Norwegian media since 1945. That case was discussed in 150,000 articles by July 2011.

“And that was after almost half a year. Now we have rounded up 130,000 publications in three months, and this is not over yet,” said Lindebjerg.

The SARS outbreak was also mentioned 5,000 times in Norwegian media between February 2003 and July 2003, while the swine flu from 2009 received 57,000 media reports in Norway in one year.

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