COUNCIL: Norwegian & Swedish Children Exposed to Danger-Calls for imposed age restrictions on Energy Drinks

Energy DrinkEnergy Drink

The Consumer Council states it shall pursue action against the trade industry to determine if a region wide, self-imposed age limit restriction will be applied to energy drink products in trade stores and kiosks.


The Council’s blunt position is simple: High-caffeine energy drinks should not be sold to minors.

The Council maintains that energy drinks cause sleep & concentration problems in minors.  Stores should therefore introduce mandatory, adult-only status.

Gunsten Instefjord (Consumer Council Senior Vice President for Trade) states:
‘We know that high intake of energy drinks within a short time is dangerous and we aren’t doing enough to protect the young.  The product (energy drinks) is disturbingly readily available in stores and kiosks.

In addition to concerns over unknown effects of acute high intake, we’re also concerned with the sleeping disorders and concentration difficulties shown in children and adolescents (from these drinks).  This product is not intended for children and we must act”

The Consumer Council has conducted a survey that shows children young as 10 yr consume energy drinks regularly.  It further reveals Sweden and Norway exposing their young to health problems resulting from these energy drinks.

The Council calls upon the trading industry to demonstrate social responsibility and mandate a self-imposed age limit of 18 years against retail sales of such beverages.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today