Both county leaders and FpU are open to dual citizenship

Norwegian PassportNorwegian Passport. Photo: Norway Today Media

A number of county leaders in Frp and leaders of FpU say they want to remove the Norwegian constraint and provide dual citizenship.

– I believe that the loyalty to Norway is primarily in the heart, and where you have a sense of belonging. I certainly think it exists even if one is allowed dual citizenship, says FpU Leader Bjørn-Kristian Svendsrud to NRK.

This has been an issue of debate within Frp since it became known that Hassan Ali Khaire, who has Norwegian citizenship, became the newly appointed Prime Minister of Somalia.

Frp policy spokesman Mazyar Keshvari has advocated that Khaire should be deprived of his passport.


– When someone has been appointed a parliamentarian and even the Prime Minister of Somalia, we must assume that they are Somali nationals. A country’s Prime Minister should not have multiple nationalities.

Conflicts occur as to where their loyalty should be says Keshvari to NRK last week.

Svendsrud points out that it may be natural for many to return to Norway after they have been abroad for several years.

He believes the expertise a person brings back to Norway, will be good for the individual concerned, but also for Norway.

– So I see that there are more advantages than disadvantages by allowing dual citizenship. Since there are many thousands of Norwegians who have dual citizenship, I think that it is something that should be evaluated, says Svendsrud.


Norwegian law does not give any right to dual citizenship, however some people have it. A person may have dual citizenship if they want Norwegian citizenship, but for various reasons can not redeem themselves from their former nationality.

According to the Directorate of Immigration it is also possible to have dual citizenship if a person has received one nationality from each of their parents when they were born.

Moreover, one can have dual citizenship if one has a Norwegian from before, and later obtains it in another country without having asked for it.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today