Couple indicted for rape and abuse of children

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Couple indicted for rape and abuse of her children

A man and a woman must appear before the Oslo District Court next week, charged with rape, abuse and sexual intercourse with the woman’s children.


According to the accusation, there were several cases of abuse between 2002 and 2009, when the now 45-years-old woman’s son was between five and thirteen years old, and her daughter was between four and twelve years old.

The boy allegedly was hit on several occasions while screaming and crying out in pain while his mother and a 46-years-old man jointly raped him.

Both are also charged with sexual intercourse with the woman’s daughter in the same period of time. The 46-years-old man allegedly had sexual relations with the girl on several occasions while her mother at least on one occasion was present without doing anything to stop it – or to prevent the series of later abuse.

Blood relatives

As both of the two victims were the women’s children, she was also charged with sexual intercourse with relatives in a descending line.

The man and woman are also charged with maltreatment and exposing both children to violence. Among other things, the woman allegedly hit both her son and daughter on several occasions and at least on one occasion burnt their fingertips and/or under their arms by the use of a lighter.

According to the accusation, both the girl and the boy on several occasions witnessed their sibling being exposed to violence.

Both adults are also charged with the illegal possession of drugs.

The case is scheduled for Tuesday, October 9th. It is set aside eight days to deal with the case in the Oslo District Court.


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