CPS broke the law when child abuser moved in with family

AfraidAfraid.Photo: pixabay.com

Child welfare responsible of the municipality is very sorry.

The County Governor concludes that the child care unit broke the law on several counts when a convicted offender moved in with a family where he for two years had abused his stepdaughter.

One of the county aldermen initiated an investigation into the case in August, and the conclusions are that the municipal child welfare service was responsible of a number of unacceptable decisions and four violations of the law, Aftenposten writes.

The manager of Child welfare of the municipality strongly regrets the situation
The paedophile committed grievous sexual abuse of his stepdaughter during a two years period where the child welfare in 2012 was based on an assessment by a psychologist who gave the green light for the man to move in.

– I considered it unlikely that he would commit incest under the circumstances. But he managed to deceive everyone. This I strongly regret, he said in an interview with the newspaper in November.

The girl’s mother was unaware that her boyfriend was previously convicted of sexual offenses against children. The Abuses against her daughter was revealed in 2014, when the girl was seven years old
The man was recently sentenced to 17 years’ detention by the Court of Appeal. The case has been appealed to the Supreme Court, who reviewed the sentencing this week. Their ruling has to be rendered.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today