Creates resource group for Religious conversion

the holy Quaran, Photo: Pixabay

Creates resource group for Religious conversion cases

The Ministry of Justice has instructed the Immigration Commission (UNE) to provide a resource committee for cases involving Religious conversion. The group is to consist of resource persons with particular knowledge on conversion issues regarding belief



– In particularly difficult Religious conversion cases, the chair and committee members in UNE need factual information about the conversion. The creation of this committee will be a resource for policymakers in UNE and contribute to strengthening the proceedings, says acting Minister of Immigration and Integration, Per Sandberg (Progress Party).

The Ministry will through a one-year trial project, see if such a sample will be more an appropriate organization of the task

Various religious communities and organizations are to invited to propose candidates to be on the committee.

– The individual might make statements on general religious and theological questions, but shall not comment on whether the complainant’s explanation is considered credible or it is appropriate in their community.

It is still UNE that will be held responsible; based on a comprehensive assessment of relevant information in the matter, according to the minister.

The instructions will come into force immediately and are valid for one year from the establishment of the Resource Board, subject to the Parliament approval. The Resource Committee shall be in place within five months after that the instruction is approved



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