Criminal gangs in Sweden are cooperating more and more, police warns

Swedish policePhoto: Christine Olsson / TT via AP

Criminal gangs in Sweden are cooperating more across the board, and they also increasingly operate outside their former geographical areas, according to Swedish police.

“In general, we see that there is a fairly large collaboration between the criminal networks locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally,” the head of the police intelligence department in the Stockholm region, Anna Rise, told Swedish Radio.

This can be seen, among other things, when drugs are imported into Sweden and when criminals acquire weapons and explosives. The gangs also cooperate when planning killings, according to Rise.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Criminal gangs in Sweden are cooperating more and more, police warns"

  1. The Swedes opened their Gates of Troy way too widely and are now in an actual war for their survival but the Swedish people remain in denial, letting their police fight a war which is hopeless without their support … and letting down their police.
    The 8 years! sentence of a young tough for murdering a *police officer* down in Gothenburg hammered that across hard.
    Meanwhile, the 2 murderers of the guy in Norway killed on New Year’s Eve fled to Sweden? … which says a lot too: the war is spreading across the border.
    Thanks a lot, Swedes.

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