Criminal notices for 2017-06-07


Criminal notices for 2017-06-07

Notices from the police and courts for 2017-06-07. Suspicious package in Horten, violence in Verdal and indictment for murder in Kristiansand.


Bomb group checks out suspicious package in Horten

Police bomb experts were sent to Horten to check out a suspicious package near the play ground on the town square.

Two hours after the police cordoned the area off, a person reported to the police in Vestfold.

– A person has contacted and states that it is he who has put the package at the square. The motive is somewhat unclear and it has been decided to let the bomb group continue, the South East Police District reports on Twitter around 1 pm on Wednesday.

The police have cordoned off the town square in Horten, and the bomb group from Oslo was in place at 1 pm to examine the package.

 Man in his twenties critically injured after violence in Verdal

A man in his twenties has been critically injured after being exposed to violence in Verdal in Nord-Trøndelag. A man in his thirties has been arrested and charged with serious bodily harm.

Police was noticed at 3 am on Tuesday night of public nuisance in a home at Ørmelen in Verdal, writes Adresseavisen. When the police arrived at the address, they found a man in his twenties seriously injured.

– He was badly bruised and properly beaten up, says Operations Manager in Trøndelag police, Dag Hjulstad, to the newspaper.

The man received first aid on site before being sent to the hospital in Levanger. Then he was transferred to St. Olav’s Hospital and at 3 pm the hospital informed that the man was critically injured.

– At around 2 pm a man in his thirties was apprehended.He is charged with having exercised the violence, says sheriff Knut Olav Røstad in Verdal.

Police has not yet information on whether there is any relationship between the victim and the accused.

16-years-old indicted of double murder in Kristiansand

The 16-years-old, who has been charged with double murder in Kristiansand last year, is now indicted in the case. The trial starts on June 19th.

On Friday there was an indictment filed against the now 16-years-old boy. The indictment is made out by the prosecutors in Agder, by order of the Attorney General.

The trial is already scheduled in Kristiansand District Court and will start as planned Monday, June 19, reports Fædrelandsvennen.

– According to the plan, the main proceedings will take three days, says state Attorney Jan Tallaksen, who is the prosecutor in the case.

Jakob Abdullahi Hassan (14) and Tone Ilebekk (48) were both stabbed and killed at Wilds Minne School in Lund on December 5 last year. The next day a middle school pupil from Kristiansand confessed to the murders. The maximum penalty for offenders under the age of 18 is 15 years imprisonment.


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