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Critical lack of nurses

nurse school nursesMale nurse. Photo:

The Norwegian Nursing Association believes that the need for more nurses is so precarious that safety is being affected both for patients and employees.


New figures from the municipalities’ employers survey show that nurses account for less than 20% of employees in every fourth nursing home, and in the home nursing system.

Eight out of ten managers believe that there is insufficient finance to meet the need for professional development among staff.

‘It is serious’, said the head of the Nurses Union, Eli Gunhild By.

‘The shortage of nurses is a major challenge both in terms of patient safety, and employee health.

Now politicians,and employers must begin to understand that wages, good working hours, and improved academic environments are the solution,’ said By to the Avisenes News Bureau (ANB).

Better pay and working conditions are needed to improve recruitment. The union leader said that every year, 4,000 nursing positions are open which don’t receive a single applicant.

‘We won’t see any improvement before we get a political and financial boost. We must focus on better pay, and better working conditions’, said By.

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