Criticism of giant parties to celebrate Oslo as environmental capital

Oslo, PicturePicture from Oslo Photo: Norway Today Media

Oslo is the European environmental capital next year, which comes with commitments and costs. However, the city council have received criticism from both sides of the political divide for planned million kroner parties.


After Oslo was designated as the environmental capital, it has become known that the city will spend approximately 118 million kroner on various events. Høryre’s Eirik Lae Solberg was one of the critics in opposition to the plans and called the budget “crazy money”.

City council leader, Raymond Johansen of Arbeiderpartiet (Ap) defended himself by aligning himself to “no party” but a commitment to engage the entire population. But, NOK 8 to 10 million goes toward celebrations, including opening and closing ceremonies, reported Dagsavisen newspaper.

“The price level they have put on this seems completely meaningless,” said Øystein Sundelin,who is in the Finance Committee for Høyre (H).

Also from the opposite end of the political spectrum, there is criticism of those who govern the city. Rødt’s Eivor Evenrud said the city council have said that the money should go to businesses that could engage the entire population, not parties for the few.

“It was just here we thought they should not spend the money. There is much needed everywhere in the city. When you have rotten toys while seeing that the municipality will spend 4 million at a party, one might wonder a bit.’’

The City Council leader did not comment on the Dagsavisen story.


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