Criticism of Kripos in genocide case

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Criticism of Kripos in genocide case

The National Criminal Investigation Service (Kripos) didn’t disclose documents that weakened suspicion of involvement in the genocide of a former Rwandan resident in Sandnes. The Special Unit for Police Affairs believes that Kripos has made an error.


This was stated in an appeal case by the Bureau of Police Affairs,according to Stavanger Aftenblad newspaper.

The 44 year old detained in prison in Stavanger for almost four years, suspected of taking part in the genocide in Rwanda. He is still charged,and will be handed over to his native country where he will be brought to trial.

The documents are the so-called ‘Gacaca-dommer’. Gacaca was a folk tribunal founded after the genocide in Rwanda, where people who participated in the genocide were encouraged to name everyone else who participated.

Kripos knew of five such judgments already in early 2013, but they were never added to the case. When it became known, the 44 year old chose to name Kripos to the Bureau of Police. Brynjulf Risnes, the Rwander citizen’s current lawyer, believes the judgments are interesting because the 44 year old doesn’t name one single place in these.

Neither courts, nor the Rwandan’s lawyers had access to the documents before the extradition decision was taken.

The case against both Kripos and key persons in the investigation have been
dropped. In the statement of appeal from the Bureau, Kripos agrees that the documents may weaken the case against the man.

However, Kripos denies that it was a conscious choice to keep the relevant documents hidden in the case, something that Risnes does not believe . He said the referral from the Bureau will be appealed.


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