Criticism towards patient care at Haukeland

hospital CorridorHospital Corridor: Photo. NTB SCANPIX

Patients with sepsis do not get proper treatment at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, shows a report by the County of Hordaland.

The majority of patients with sepsis caused organ failure did not receive antibiotics within the deadlines set by national guidelines and the hospital’s own procedures, wrote BergensAvisen.

The report is based on an audit of the Clinic at Haukeland in June, where in addition to interviews with employees, they also went through 66 medical records of patients who had sepsis, popularly known as blood poisoning, or where there was suspicion of sepsis.

The conclusion is that conflicts, lack of sorting of patients, low physician staffing and accumulation of patients means that patients who have sepsis caused organ failure, do not get antibiotics quickly enough.

According to the report, the management at Haukeland have known of the problem for a long time.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today