Crowded at the capitals bathing resorts

The beach at Huk in OsloOslo.The beach at Huk in Oslo.Photo.Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

People were tightly packed at bathing resorts in Oslo and Bærum on Saturday and Sunday. The Municipal Chief Physician asks people to be responsible.

-”People must understand the seriousness now. Until a couple of weeks ago, the chances of being infected in such places was very low. We have so many infections in our community that people must take personal responsibility to avoid infection.”, says the Municipal Chief Physician, Frants Leonard Nilsen, to VG.

Avisa reports, that among other things, that Kadettangen at Bærum and Paradisbukta and Huk in Oslo were full of guests. 

City Councilor, Raymond Johansen (AP), in Oslo have also reacted towards the gatherings of bathers. 

-”If you go to a place where you think is too crowded with people, it is best to go home again and rather visit places with less congestion.”, he emphasizes.

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