Crown Princess Victoria spoke at the aquaculture fair in Stavanger

AquaVisionCrown Princess Victoria of Sweden at the AquaVision 2018 conference in Stavanger.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria was one of the head speakers at the International Aquaculture Fair ‘AquaVision’ in Stavanger, Wednesday.


Crown Princess Victoria is the protector of the Swedish seaward initiative SeaBOS, which brings together research and business in the field of aquaculture and fisheries. It is because of this commitment that the Swedish Crown Princess was in Stavanger to hold the presentation for “Sea Challenge and SeaBOS”, writes Sysla.

– “The list of what the ocean gives us is long. Among other things, food, medicine and energy. Unfortunately, the list is also far from what we give back to the sea,” said the Crown Princess to top management at the Stavanger concert hall and talked about her concern about pollution and plastic in the ocean.

Sweden’s Crown Princess is also ambassador to UN’s sustainability goals, has a strong personal commitment to healthy and sustainable foods and has chosen to concentrate her commitment to sea and fisheries.

“The challenges are huge. But things are going to take us in the right direction – where government, researchers and business work together,” she also said in her speech at yesterday’s conference.

Companies from Asia, Europe and the United States have joined the SeaBOS initiative to prevent overfishing, stopping illegal capture and stop the use of slave labor, according to


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