Cruise ship employee rescued from water after 22 hours

Norwegian GetawayNorwegian Getaway.Photo:

A man who fell overboard from the cruise ship he worked on was rescued from the water 22 hours later on Sunday off the the coast of Cuba. His condition is said to be stable.


Another passing cruise ship rescued the 33 year old man who was employed on the cruise ship “Norwegian Getaway”.

At 13.20 local time on Sunday, almost a day after falling off board the cruise ship, the man was spotted in the water approximately 45 kilometres northwest of Pinar del Rio in Cuba according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

According to a spokesperson for Carnival Cruise Line, who owns the cruise ship who saved the man from the water,he had nothing to hold on to when he was found.

The 33 year old was reported missing shortly after falling overboard on Saturday, but the search was ended after a couple of hours.

Norwegian Cruise Line, a formerly Norwegian-owned company, owns the cruise ship “Norwegian Getaway”, said in a press release that they are extremely grateful to those who saved their employees.


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