Custom warns: Long queues awaits at the borders

Svinesund Bridge, between Norway and Sweden.Svinesund Bridge, between Norway and Sweden.: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

On Saturday, a lot of Norwegians are expected to shop at the Swedish county of Värmland, but the customs stresses that personal checks will continue at the border.

-” Yes, parts of Sweden have become green, but the rest of Sweden is red. This means that personal checks will continue. The government advises against travels outside the country. If many are to travel outside of the country, there will be a queue upon arrival back home . There is no doubt about it.” says the acting Section Leader, Bjørn Hansrud, of Customs at Kongsvinger to Glåmdalen.

Therefore, everyone who goes to Sweden to shop  will be checked upon return to Norway. This also means that everyone who crosses the border must have a passport. Hansrud also warns that they will also be checking at smaller roads that cross the border. 

The Section Leader explains that they are prepared for a significant increase in traffic at the border at the Kongsvinger area. About 40 kilometers from Kongsvinger is the traditional border shopping town of Charlottenberg.

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